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countryman r60

Next up to wear the Mini Flares is the 4 door R60 Countryman, with nothing on the market for this chassis, it was only a matter of time before we hit the design laboratory with the development for this much under loved model but we aim to change that.

As with all of our flares they are designed for the chassis intended, they are not a one flares fits all cut and paste, these flares have been especially developed for this 4 door model, and it certainly gives the model a very purposeful look.

Fitted with our flares front and rear, lowered on H&R springs, fitted with 10x18 lightweight forged wheels and 265/40R18 tyres front and rear

This really is the ultimate make over for your R60 Mini, for more details get in touch with us so can transform your countryman

with this amazing conversion.  

VAD Countryman R60 Flares_5.jpg
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