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Coilover Suspension 


For a lot of our builds we use a lowering spring, but for those that want the ultimate we use only Nitron, the pinnacle in coilover suspension.

Every Nitron NTR shock are built using the very latest technology and ultimate in high quality high precision components, every one under goes extensive and rigorous design and development program to ensure optimum performance is delivered.

 They are designed using the unique NTR modular system which allows a high degree of flexibility during the development of each application. Every component is precision machined to precision standards and then carefully inspected by in-house quality control technicians, they are one of the world’s finest suspension manufactured, made in the UK and we are proud to wear them.

 Lowering Springs

Our personal preference for coilover suspension is the NITRON set up and this is what we fit to our personal cars, you get what you pay for and for us there is no substitute, but we offer various kits across the range with every budget restraint catered for. We also offer H&R lowering springs for the complete Mini range, get in touch for more details.

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