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our mini flares

Our flares have become an extremely popular aftermarket upgrade for the R55, R56, R57, R58, R59 Mini chassis, launched in 2016 we just haven’t looked back kitting out over a 1000 Minis globally and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down, if anything sales are growing on a weekly basis.

So with the huge success of our Gen 2 flare it was inevitable that we would progress onto the Gen 3 which are now available to order, but what we didn’t see coming was the Paceman & Countryman enquiries we are getting quite regularly, so we have decided that both these models will be added to our line-up, unfortunately the only Mini we cannot cater for is the R50 / R53 Gen 1 chassis which is one we may look at once the current range toppers are all in production, the R53 flares will be revisited. 

So what makes our flares so different to the other flares on the market, well firstly for the Gen 2 ours are bolted on using the original fixing points, but we also bond them on when building our own Minis, simply because we don’t want them stolen, our flares are also ready to fit, as after popular requests they now come painted Matt Black, and we also include the fixing kit for the R series.

Our flares are also the best quality, in fit and finish and are 35mm wider over the stock plastic flares, which enables a much wider wheel and tyre set up on the Gen 2 & Gen 3 chassis, so what do we recommend.

Our conversion has been developed to house a 9x17 wheel square set up with staggered offsets et20 front & et10 rear, we have a very light weight flow formed alloy wheel manufactured specifically for this conversion and is always readily available to order in any colour from our stocks the 17" is developed for the R & F series with 9x18 square set up also available for the Gen 2 F series chassis, with a 9.5x18 also in development.

We recommend 235/40R17 or 245/40R17 tyres in the 17" size and 245/35R18 or 255/35R18 for the 18" set up on the Gen 3 F series chassis,

for the Paceman & Countryman we have 18" & 19" wheel set up that will be readily available to order when the flares are ready.

Note: Professional Installation by an experienced custom body shop is recommended for these flares as these parts are “After Market” not OEM.

All body kit items are shipped in Matt Black and will require prep-work before painting. Minor adjustments may also be necessary to ensure an oem fitment and will include cutting of the original fenders to fit the customised parts. These are normal body work and installations steps to fitting any wider fender. it is always better to test fit all items before painting.

for the UK market supply and fit only

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