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Duell AG F56 Full aero Kit

Mini Flares are pleased to announce the very special Duell AG Japan Co Ltd Brand to the UK market, the absolute pioneers of all things Mini, a company that leads the way in the aftermarket Mini aero styling world, the Industries original brand with uncompromising commitment to complete innovation, developing products with the intention of enhancing the looks of the original design, they simply lead the Aftermarket Mini aero world by example. Duell AG, where dreams and technology are fused.


Please find attached a small selection of Duell AG aero parts for the F56, F55, F55, R60 chassis with other chassis options available in request.


Get in touch with us regarding any enquiry from splitters, Bumpers, Bonnets, to full aero kit make over they offer every possibility to enhance your Mini styling.


We supply only "GENUINE AUTHENTIC" DuelL AG aero parts which are supplied direct from Japan, all of the DuelL AG parts are manufactured and supplied from Japan only, they do not manufacture parts in China, please do not confuse these parts with the cheap and extremely inferior copy counterfeit parts that are manufactured and sold from China, which are basically not fit for purpose, the quality and fitment is as to be expected with any parts sourced from China, it you want oem quality and oem fit and finish, DuelL AG is the brand.

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